Shine the Light- Adding Beauty to your Outdoor Oasis at Night

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Establishing that perfect landscape addition as part of your outdoor pool project creates the total enhancement of your outdoor environment. Why limit your use and enjoyment thereof to use only during the day?

Effectively lighting your landscape, will transform and enhance, adding drama, functionality and safety, justifying the investment allowing use well into the evening hours.

It helps to be proactive with your lighting goals and creating a lighting plan as part of your overall landscape and pool design. Install sub terranean sleeves to accomodate electrical conduit for lighting fixtures before decking and other hardscape elements are installed. Also plan for future expansions over and above the initial plans, saving the need to disturb newly installed hardscape. It is also a good idea at this time to look at other elements that require electricity like outdoor sound systems, irrigation and invisible pet fences.

The first decision to consider is the selection of either High (110V) or Low ( 12V) Voltage Systems.

Most of our residential outdoor lighting systems are low voltage, primarily because of choice and variety of fixtures, relative low cost and energy efficiency in costs to run. These systems use an outdoor transformer that reduce the existing line voltage to 12 Volts and can be programmed to automatically turn the lights on and off at designated times from sun-down to sun-rise.

Our commercial projects typically use high- voltage systems where brighter more concentrated lighting is required like on a large cluster of trees. These systems are typically more complex, require a licensed electrician to install and are more costly than low voltage systems.

Once you have made the decision to go ahead and install an outdoor lighting system, there are a number of options available to illuminate your outdoor environment. Depending on the desired mood, different techniques and specific fixtures will accomplish your objectives and goals.



This focuses attention on a particular object, such as a tree or shrub, water feature or arbor, for example. By uplighting a feature such as a wall, the objects in front take on a silhouette for special effect. When you uplight a tree from behind, it creates a backlight effect, which is slightly less dramatic than a silhouette.


This technique casts light downwards to create subtle shadows on planting beds, walkways, water features and other desired areas. This lighting is less dramatic than uplighting, offering a more muted and natural effect. Depending on fixture placement, you can alter the shadow effect and also accentuate features like the foliage.


This lighting aims downward to outline the pathway in question. There are a variety of decorative fixtures available and when ideally placed will provide a clear and beautiful well lit pathway. If your path includes steps, step lighting can also be installed and in-ground lighting is also an option for decks and along driveway surfaces.

Outdoor lighting is the perfect compliment to expanding your ultimate use and enjoyment of your newly installed gunite swimming pool. Please consult with our design professionals to add a lighting plan to your pool project.



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