Water Features Adding Visual and Acoustic Elements to Your Backyard Project

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Introducing a water feature to your backyard pool project can inject that added visual aesthetic  and acoustic dimension.

Typical water features include water falls, fountains, ponds and water gardens.

Fountains and waterfalls can be stand alone or indeed incorporated into the swimming pool/spa itself. Ponds and water gardens typically add elements to your outdoor environment and they add an additional element to the design of your pool and spa. Every facet of the water feature varies in size, style and complexity, so  it is best to design this in relation to scale, space and budget.

Fountains provide a formal and elegant design element to your outdoor environment. There are multiple types of fountains from formal tiered types, to bird baths and fountain urns and bowls. The different styles result in different effects- tiered fountains tend to evoke a cascading effect, while bubbling urns create a more tranquil effect. Fountains can be built in walls of stone with metal scuppers for a more contemporary effect. With the appropriate landscape elements to accompany fountain features, we can create a beautiful focal feature to accompany your pool and spa project.

We design and install a number of waterfall features as part of our backyard expansion projects. Typically, they establish a resort- like theme and are custom designed to complement the style of the pool and spa. We use natural stone by choice and this is usually hand selected to match the other hard-scape features around the pool and spa. Once again, the size and scope are critical design elements as well as velocity of water desired for the waterfall feature. These rock waterfalls mimic a more natural design aesthetic and go hand in hand with elements like natural stone coping surrounds, while more contemporary sheer waterfalls are built in concert with glass block tiles inside the pool and spa.

Other available water features include deck jets that shoot arcs of water from the edge of the deck into the pool and rainfall curtains that create dramatic special effects.

Please feel free to contact us to learn firsthand how these features can be incorporated into your pool and spa designs.

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