Environmental Smart Pool

Being environmentally friendly and saving you money…


variable-speed-pumpVariable Speed or Two Speed Pump
Energy Savings: 70% with energy rebates (vary by utility company).  The speed configuration will depend on the hydraulic needs of the pool.


goldline-prologic-salt-systemProLogic Controls with a GoldLine Salt System
Energy Savings: 75%
How: By automating your pool and spa functions.  You can even automate water chemistry management with the salt system and eliminate many costly pool chemicals


led-lightingLED Lighting
Energy Savings: 79% over traditional incandescent lighting
Additional Info: LED’s also last 20 times longer, minimizing replacement costs.


cartridge-filterCartridge Filters
Energy Savings: 92% when compared to other filters
How: Our large capacity filters reduce energy-wasting backpressure for a better, more efficient cleaning process.  Removable filter cartridges eliminate backwashing, saving up to 2,500 gallons of water per season – enough to do 60 loads of laundry!


heat-pumpHeat Pumps
Energy Savings: 78%, when compared to gas heaters
How: By harnessing the power of the sun to heat your swimming pool.  Also, programmable thermostats keep you pool temperature comfortable and enjoyable.


robotic-pool-cleanerRobotic Cleaning Systems
Energy Savings: 94%, versus most pressure cleaners
How: By having no booster pump (a major electricity hog), electricity usage is significantly decreased.
Additional Info: This system uses no more energy than a standard light bulb.