The Aquatech Society



Aquatech, established in 1962, is the nation’s most highly regarded society of pool building professionals. It was formed by several of the industry’s earliest leaders with the goal of matching consumers with the most qualified and trusted pool builders in the country. Today, Aquatech members include several hundred aquatic design professionals nationwide. Members are invited to this national society by invitation only. Each candidate is required to pass significant standards in order to qualify as well as maintain financial stability. In addition, he or she must also continue to attend training sessions along with society meetings and seminars to keep abreast of the most current updates, innovations, and advanced pool-building techniques in the industry.


Because of the strict membership policies, Aquatech is able to offer you what no one else can; a pre-screened, highly qualified and knowledgeable resource to help you make your backyard dreams a reality.
The builders consistently maintain a superior level of customer satisfaction; with design, with budgets and with deadlines.


A pool is much more than just digging a hole. It’s about creating a new environment that transforms your whole outdoor experience, and maximizes your investment.